Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Giveaway

Another giveaway! 
 No fabric-flowers or fabric this time.  This is something you can eventually eat.  Or sit it around your house and look at it.

Yes, yes the pictures are giving it away.  Pumpkin seeds!

Now these are not just any pumpkin seeds, these are "gourmet pie mix" seeds. :-)  The mix is two kinds: one is my favorite Jarrahdale blue pumpkin, which I posted about last fall, and the other is Small Sugar.

At any rate, I'll be sending someone 5 pumpkin seeds (that's all I have left!) for their dining or decor enjoyment...  All you have to do to enter is: post a comment, pertaining to pumpkins, on this post.  Winner will be selected randomly and posted by Wednesday, April 20, so you have until then.


  1. Well, I truly have no need for pumpkin seeds. I already planted 1 packet of seeds, and then my husband (not knowing I already started some) brought home another packet. ha ha So I'll be all pumpkined out! But I do think it's cool that you're sharing the wealth with your readers! :)I hope it's nice enough up there for you to be out in the garden!

  2. It's not quite nice enough yet...been very wet and chilly. Good for you and your pumpkins; do you have good success at growing them? Ours are hit or miss. :-) That's why we plant alot of them.

  3. I usually put more composted manure in the rows for pumpkins and any gords I plant...and they do well. One year, my neighbors just threw their seeds into their big manure pile and they had pumpkins growing for 3 years after that. haha ~Certainly a space saving way to garden!