Friday, April 22, 2011

Tree Tunic

Hubby says that Strapping Young Lad has more tunics than anyone else that he knows.
It's true.
(If Hubby isn't careful, I'll make him one...)

This one is freshly made with a pre-approved (by Strapping Young Lad) tree fabric from Joel Dewberry's line.  On the hanger, this tunic comes across a little "Jimi Hendrix". Or perhaps "Woodstock." Or "I-bought-this-whilst-in-Israel"... 

But on Strapping Young's "him."  It is reminiscent of sweet, sun-warmed meadows and the long, carefree afternoons of childhood.

And that wraps it up for another week.  Whatever your beliefs....have a blessed Easter. (Anyone making Challah or Hot Cross Buns?) 

As for us at the Merry Household, we are thanking God for his outrageous Gift.
Friday's here....but Sunday's a comin'.

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