Friday, May 27, 2011

Is There Life Out There

Yes, in fact, there is.  At least, there is life out there as far as the pole bean teepee is concerned.  The pole beans (Painted Lady and Scarlet Runner Beans) can only be described as heartily and sturdily springing out of the Good Earth, followed by what appears to be a few morning glories and sweet peas.

As a backdrop to the teepee, we also planted a row of mammoth sunflowers and a row of blue Indian corn for Strapping Young Lad's enjoyment.  These are actually his favorites; the seeds were given to us/him from the Kind Lady who we gave our horse Pete to. 

It looks like we're Mean and Horrible parents... since we have fenced off Strapping Young Lad's sandbox.  Nevertheless, it has a door and Strapping Young Lad goes in and out with ease.  You see, we planted the sunflowers and morning glories for his Sunflower House around his sandbox this year....ultimately it will be shade for a hard-working young man (sometimes he spends most of his day in the sandbox).  

So after last year's Sunflower House, we're not taking any chances, and we fenced in what we've sown right away.  The Teepee got the fence treatment too.

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