Monday, May 2, 2011

The Rest of The Story

To anyone experiencing any angst regarding my putting my horse, Pete, in the paper for free...


I have Pete's back.

Hubby and I (and mostly I) have been convicted that we'd rather be able to have some resources for our kiddos' futures (IE college), than to keep and feed 20 horses (exaggeration on the number, but you get the point).  Plus, Pete is a special horse, who was kind of going to waste in our pasture.

Meanwhile, I experienced two days of a circus of phone calls, and Pete is now in the right home. 

He will have 4 separate pastures to rotate grazing in.  He has his own stall. 

He will be fussed over, petted, and groomed. 

The lovely lady who now owns him, grows her own organic carrots just for treats for her horses. 

 Her husband and her joked about fighting over who will ride him. They've said to come and visit him anytime.

That's all I wanted.  A place where he'll be fed well and played with a little.  This is an answer to prayer.

This is a picture Hubby took of us before Pete went to his new home.  I look like I'm grimacing or was hitting the grape cordial, but that's just because I'm just not very photogenic if I know you're taking my picture.


To Pete:

See you later, Old Man. 
 You always did right by me, and now I'm doing right by you.


  1. Yay for finding Pete a good home! When I sold Kenai a few months ago, I was at the point where I pretty much couldn't stand that horse anymore. But I still did my best to find a suitable new owner...even if that meant eating money. I'm glad you found a good home for him! I knew you wouldn't just toss him out onto the street! ha ha. PS...with the economy the way it is, food prices (for horses AND humans going up)'s wise to thin the herd/save for kid's future now! :)

  2. Yeah, I definately wouldn't do a "For Free" Ad again. Even if I advertised him for a $100, it might have kept The Crazy People from calling.