Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Saling and Sisters

 I recently spent the day yard-saling with my sister-in-law at the community-day yard sales.  She and I are kindred spirits in regards to our shopping styles.  Together, we are actually a deal-making & finding Machine.  Our style can only be described as intense. 

You see, we both view this day of yard-saling as the Day to find and secure clothes for the entire year for the 5 children we have between us.  As well as, a few things for our closets.   And miscellaneous for our homes.  All for a very small amount of $$.

Some embarrassing facts:

- We both have a hard time making eye contact anyone the first 3 hours of the day, because we are so absorbed in hunting and securing.

- We communicate effortlessly and thoroughly through gestures and short, abbreviated sentences.

- We do show a tiny bit of shame about our fervor...however, it doesn't slow down our progress.

- This year, we accomplished our mission in 6 hours.

- In previous years, we were both so exhausted after this event, we went home and napped for several hours. (just didn't have that luxury of time this year..maybe next time)

-  We both feel like we might have a heart attack when stuck behind a mass of painfully-slow moving people, while we are marching onto the next sale.

-  I trotted along behind my sister-in-law, loaded down with baby and stroller,  plastic swimming pool and a guitar;  while she determinedly pressed onward carrying: her fully loaded backpacking backpack with purchases in it, which she had strapped a buddy saddle seat onto.  On her hip, was a children's saddle.  Under her other arm, was a heavy, floor-length wood-framed mirror.  I could not stop laughing as she made her way through the throngs of the people, being so heavily laden.  So many jokes were made about her "forgetting to bring her horse"...I was actually a little bit embarrassed to be seen with her.
Except that, um, the saddle, buddy seat, and huge mirror...were my purchases.  What a friend. :-) (J, I owe you one, or two,...or three)
-  I asked Hubby what his least favorite find of mine was.  He didn't know.

- Some of the highlight bargains of the Day:  children's couch .50 (yes cents, not dollars), children's saddle $25, buddy saddle seat $5, children's swimming pool with a slide $5, floor length mirror $5...

At any rate, I love shopping with my Sister-in-Law.  I bought so many large-ticket items this year, that she ended up helping to carry; any other less-dedicated shopper would steer clear of shopping with me next year.  Or maybe she's just a dedicated friend. 
 I think that's more it.

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