Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Beach BathRobe

The latest and greatest in wardrobe additions for Strapping Young Lad...
I got the pattern for this over at MADE.

I love the idea of slapping this on after a swimming lesson or a dip in the creek.

You can see that it is very green here and that we're land-locked.

Nevertheless, I gave a nod to the high seas and ships, with the flannel fabric I chose for the hood liner.  A little pirate-y touch never hurts as far as Strapping Young Lad is concerned.

I wanted to get this done before the Fourth of July weekend, because if the weather cooperates, I anticipate that the Wee Ones will be spending  a great deal of time in the cold, mountain creek.

I liked this pattern;  it's full of many creative options and I anticipate using it many times.  (Baby Girl already has a store-bought robe, or else I'd be cranking one out for her now too.) 

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