Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kitchen Herb Garden

 Laziness has reached new heighths around here.  Or perhaps new "depths" would be more appropriate.
What I mean by this is the new location of my herb garden.

Previously, the herbs were a 30-second trot from the kitchen, down to the big garden.  This proved to be inconvenient when I would decide, in the midst of hot burners, sizzling, and etc, that the particular dish I was cooking could really use some fresh basil, parsley, chives, or etc...

Now, until this year, the area directly under the kitchen window has been a bit of an eyesore.  Hubby has been trying to talk me into turning it into my herb garden.  On the contrary, I had wished to landscape it with some fabulous Something-Or-Others.

Wise Man that he is, Hubby dropped the subject and this spring I said to him, "Hey, why don't we plant my herbs there?!!"  (At some point, I remembered it was his suggestion, originally...) 

The herb garden looks nice and I love dashing out to snip this and that as inspiration-whilst-cooking strikes.  The only thing to suffer is the hardy little chive plant.  I'm a potato kind-of-girl, sometimes I even have a baked potato for breakfast...And with fresh chives so conveniently located right outside my front door, I've hit it pretty hard.

Hubby says I should leave the chives alone for awhile... (Looks like there is enough there for one more snipping though...)

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