Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother and Daughter Aprons

Baby Girl already has so many luscious things to wear for the time being, that I felt free to take a break from crafting things for her, and to make something for my etsy shop Blackberry's Shed.

I didn't put this picture in the listing, but thought I would put it in the blog because..inevitably, one or more dogs ends up in any given picture being taken.

Anyway, the aprons are made from a vintage, embroidered table runner.  I had a nice time making them, actually.

I'm ashamed to say that the above picture is evidence that I was slopping through the muddy horse pasture, before attempting my modeling session. (Without the apron on, of course.  And yes, I used this picture in the listing.  Shameless..)

Anyway, both versions (adult and wee-sized) can be tied loosely in the front, or in the back with a large bow.

For the Wee One/Daughter apron, I put in a few pleats.

Very simple.

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