Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Redneck Windchime

I bought this at a yard sale for $3, when I was pregnant with Strapping Young Lad. 

Hubby is not fond of it. 

I make many repairs on it throughout the year, as the fishing line wears out that suspends the silverware .

I was so breathless with admiration when I saw it, that I did not even haggle on the $3 price tag.  I personally felt that they should've charged more.  I forked out the money and went merrily on my way. 

The old bicycle tire rim that is used for this..evokes the same imagery and feelings of the song "Busted Bicycle" by Leo Kottke (I love Leo Kottke's music).

The story behind this chime is also endearing.  The lady selling it said, that it was labor intensive to make and she had all the guys, while up at their cabin, drilling holes in the silverware for it.  I didn't ask her why she was selling it, for fear she might change her mind...

At any rate, my redneck chime charms me daily. 
Dancing silverware suspended from an old bicycle tire rim, glinting in the sunshine.

Anyone else have a "favorite thing"?

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