Monday, June 27, 2011

Show Curtains

Yes, that's "Show" not "Shower" curtains.

The last few posts have mostly been thoughts-on-life posts, not crafty posts.  And not because I haven't been sewing.  But I find that I have a difficult time taking pictures...good pictures, anyway, of my sewing creations.  And I finally took some pictures.

At any rate, I recently whipped up these 8-9 feet long curtains, which will be our backdrop for a family performance that we'll be doing with trick riding and rosinback this fall.  Won't show the dirt, a little rustic, and a bit gypsy too, I believe.

 I hung these on the clothesline to help Pucchini, our rosinback draft horse, acclimate to billowing curtains, while he grazed in our backyard. (He didn't mind,  by the way.  I was a tiny bit disappointed; I can always enjoy a good show..from a distance lol)

By the way, Pucchini has the intellect, massive power, and athletic ability to be a war horse if we lived in that kind of an era.  It occurrs to me that I ought to have taken his picture too, since I'm going on to talk about him. :)

Meanwhile, I have seen him use these talents to be very naughty.  Fortunately, due to a lot of hard work and the help of "family-horse-training" (ie translates into Strapping Young Lad running and screaming like a banshee while flapping a towel, when Pucchini is being schooled in the ring), he is gentling into a mutually trusting relationship with us.  Which means a lot to me as I contemplate hanging upside down on him, in a variety of semi-stressful situations.

And do you want to know the real reason why this massive beast has gentled?  Why he comes like a dog when the command of "Pucchini, Come!" is issued?  Why he finally puts his head down and relaxes in our presence?  Why he perks his ears at sight of us because he's glad to see us?

Because he just wants a cookie.

The mighty and fierce war horse just wants a tasty treat.

My pockets are full of them.  All for him.  He gets a ton of praise and cookies for all the things that he does right. 

We still have a long ways to go.

But we do have plenty of cookies.

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  1. An amazing process indeed! The mighty war horse is the ring and in the field. Let the curtains begin the flapping as the show begins! And the applause follows. Do keep those cookies at hand....and a few prayers as well.