Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tea, Anyone?

I planted some chamomile last year, on the left in the above picture. Hubby thoughtfully "deadheaded" it for me (cough cough) last year ...

That little detail charms me and it's such a small thing, but I laugh everytime I think of it....

Yes, in case you did not know, the flower head is the part that is used for tea and other good things.  This was news to me.

I was delighted to see this year that my chamomile plant had come back and multiplied.  I looked it up (google) and it's an annual that reseeds very easily.  There is so much of it!  So if you'd like to have a rather carefree herb that gives more than it takes (ie work), try chamomile.


  1. I think I'm doing something wrong... my chamomile leaves something to be desired after two years... :) -J

  2. Hhm. Yes, well mine was in rough shape last year...who knows.