Monday, July 25, 2011

The Strong Oil

This is what we've been snacking on...olive oil with various herbs...  Compliments of the handiwork of Strapping Young Lad during some of his industrious moments at Vacation Bible School. 

Now, I confess to trying to throw this away. (In my defense, I found it in his room, among his other treasures, and it just didn't look appetizing.  But after thinking about the ingredients for awhile, I realized it wouldn't harm anyone to eat it...)  But Strapping Young Lad was adamant that we all imbibe.

And in the midst of Strapping Young Lad's culinary success, I had my first true-total-culinary flub.  "It" is green bean salad.  The recipe called for making your own aioli (French garlic version of mayonnaise).  Piece of cake, I said, and went to town on it.  I never did get it to emulsify and ended up tossing it out (sob. 2.5 cups of olive oil down the drain..); after my blender spewed it all over the counter and cupboard, of course. 

Not One to allow such an incident to prevent me from completing the desired dish, I merely used mayonnaise straight from the jar.

Ugh. Let's just say that potatoes belong in a mayonnaise-based cold salad; not green beans.  Even Hubby, who is gracious and non-discriminating in regards to being cooked for,  had a difficult time eating his portion.

The green bean salad is still in the fridge.  It doesn't even get a picture on my humble blog.

But Strapping Young Lad's "Strong Oil" does (apparently someone at VBS told him that it'll make him stronger; he really took that to heart.).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flower Applique Tabletopper

This little piece is headed to Michigan as a gift for a friend-of-the-family. 

I like to try new things; and making the applique flowers with the freezer paper method was all-new to me. 

This was made with shirt scraps, muslin, and Civil War era reproduction fabrics.  I hope that it fits in with the decor at our friend's log cabin home. :-)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Feathered Friends

Yes, aren't they lovely.  These are the friendliest chickens ever.  I've always heard about people and their friendly chickens; but in the 3 years I've kept chickens I've never had a particularly friendly one.

We bought six Speckled Sussex peeps from Tractor Supply this spring...  What I find most endearing is the all-out-chicken-run they do, when they spot Hubby or I.  And it's a run towards us, not away.  It's a sight to see them burst out of the high grass, coming at us like Long Lost Friends.

If only I was greeted with such enthusiasm everywhere I went. :-)

I took these pictures the first morning the chickens were so forward as to wait for me on the porch.  It brings to mind a phrase from a Hank William's, Jr song, "I live back in the woods you see, my woman,and the kids and the dogs and me."   In our case, just insert "and chickens" in there and that just about describes it.

Except I don't necessarily feel the need for this scene to play out on our front porch...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunflower House & Pole Bean Teepee cont. 2011

It has come to my attention that there has been a grievous lack of updates on our various plant-playhouse projects.

This is due, in part, because the progress has not been as aesthetically pleasing as one would hope.  But there is progress, nonetheless, which we are grateful for.

The Sunflower House sports one bloom, thus far.  The sunflowers are growing at varying heights because I planted different kinds for a variety (Hubby tactfully suggested planting all the same kind next year for the sake of symmetry...)

The pole bean teepee has lots of growth, but mostly at the base. (We need to weed-whack the center, I know...)

It is planted in the spot that we had the Sunflower House last year; and it seems that last year's morning glories reseeded themselves.  Which is, overall, a bonus.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

This was an end-of-the-day yard sale find for the kiddie's room.

It's plastic.  It's faded here and a little bit ugly.

  I painted it "peach tickle", which looks more like "warm butter" to me.

It's very large.  I'm not sure if it's a Thing of Beauty or an Abomination. 
But it's nice that some Cuties can double-check their outfits...oh wait, they're not wearing much... :-)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The 50 Cent Couch

Ah, the 50 Cent Couch garage-sale-find.

This striking child-sized couch has a pull-out bed sleeping feature that Strapping Young Lad is fond of.

He has not; however, been allowed to use said feature due to the repulsiveness of the fabric.  Used-couches gross me out a little bit anyway, and the interior of this one had some significant stains.

Strapping Young Lad has been reminding me that I said I would redo part of his couch.  So the other morning, we dragged it out on the porch and with a few snips the highly obectionable fabric had been removed.

I used a double layer of fabric, the top striped one is from my ebay store, that I have coveted to use for my own household for some time (and now had a good opportunity).

I pinned it and sewed it in by hand.  The 50 Cent Couch turned into quite an investment in time, but it's worth it.  A certain Important Party has spent the last two nights on his clean, restored sleeper couch.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gypsy Tunic

Alright, it's really a pirate tunic, more than it is a gypsy tunic.  We don't really admire pirates; we know they are actually horrible.  I guess some of us (ie Strapping Young Lad) just like to dress like one.

I made this top very blousy.  I usually make Strapping Young Lad's shirts a bit more rustic, but...

The other day, as Strapping Young Lad marched out of the house, he informed me that he was "goin' bear huntin'"...   I noted that he was armed with only his knife. 

And so I figured, a Fine Young Fellow that hunts bears with only a wooden knife (crafted for him by his Grandpa), can certainly wear a slightly blousy shirt in a very manly way, in the true pirate style.  No sweat.