Monday, July 11, 2011

The 50 Cent Couch

Ah, the 50 Cent Couch garage-sale-find.

This striking child-sized couch has a pull-out bed sleeping feature that Strapping Young Lad is fond of.

He has not; however, been allowed to use said feature due to the repulsiveness of the fabric.  Used-couches gross me out a little bit anyway, and the interior of this one had some significant stains.

Strapping Young Lad has been reminding me that I said I would redo part of his couch.  So the other morning, we dragged it out on the porch and with a few snips the highly obectionable fabric had been removed.

I used a double layer of fabric, the top striped one is from my ebay store, that I have coveted to use for my own household for some time (and now had a good opportunity).

I pinned it and sewed it in by hand.  The 50 Cent Couch turned into quite an investment in time, but it's worth it.  A certain Important Party has spent the last two nights on his clean, restored sleeper couch.

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