Monday, July 18, 2011

Feathered Friends

Yes, aren't they lovely.  These are the friendliest chickens ever.  I've always heard about people and their friendly chickens; but in the 3 years I've kept chickens I've never had a particularly friendly one.

We bought six Speckled Sussex peeps from Tractor Supply this spring...  What I find most endearing is the all-out-chicken-run they do, when they spot Hubby or I.  And it's a run towards us, not away.  It's a sight to see them burst out of the high grass, coming at us like Long Lost Friends.

If only I was greeted with such enthusiasm everywhere I went. :-)

I took these pictures the first morning the chickens were so forward as to wait for me on the porch.  It brings to mind a phrase from a Hank William's, Jr song, "I live back in the woods you see, my woman,and the kids and the dogs and me."   In our case, just insert "and chickens" in there and that just about describes it.

Except I don't necessarily feel the need for this scene to play out on our front porch...

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