Friday, July 1, 2011

Gypsy Tunic

Alright, it's really a pirate tunic, more than it is a gypsy tunic.  We don't really admire pirates; we know they are actually horrible.  I guess some of us (ie Strapping Young Lad) just like to dress like one.

I made this top very blousy.  I usually make Strapping Young Lad's shirts a bit more rustic, but...

The other day, as Strapping Young Lad marched out of the house, he informed me that he was "goin' bear huntin'"...   I noted that he was armed with only his knife. 

And so I figured, a Fine Young Fellow that hunts bears with only a wooden knife (crafted for him by his Grandpa), can certainly wear a slightly blousy shirt in a very manly way, in the true pirate style.  No sweat.

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