Monday, July 25, 2011

The Strong Oil

This is what we've been snacking on...olive oil with various herbs...  Compliments of the handiwork of Strapping Young Lad during some of his industrious moments at Vacation Bible School. 

Now, I confess to trying to throw this away. (In my defense, I found it in his room, among his other treasures, and it just didn't look appetizing.  But after thinking about the ingredients for awhile, I realized it wouldn't harm anyone to eat it...)  But Strapping Young Lad was adamant that we all imbibe.

And in the midst of Strapping Young Lad's culinary success, I had my first true-total-culinary flub.  "It" is green bean salad.  The recipe called for making your own aioli (French garlic version of mayonnaise).  Piece of cake, I said, and went to town on it.  I never did get it to emulsify and ended up tossing it out (sob. 2.5 cups of olive oil down the drain..); after my blender spewed it all over the counter and cupboard, of course. 

Not One to allow such an incident to prevent me from completing the desired dish, I merely used mayonnaise straight from the jar.

Ugh. Let's just say that potatoes belong in a mayonnaise-based cold salad; not green beans.  Even Hubby, who is gracious and non-discriminating in regards to being cooked for,  had a difficult time eating his portion.

The green bean salad is still in the fridge.  It doesn't even get a picture on my humble blog.

But Strapping Young Lad's "Strong Oil" does (apparently someone at VBS told him that it'll make him stronger; he really took that to heart.).


  1. LOL Love the telling of this one. Determination. I think that you've got it!

  2. This one made me tear up for some reason...yes, olive oil is good for you. Especially tasty for dipping bread...whole wheat is great with it too. Dr. Oz recommends it! Keep blogging!

  3. LOL. Maybe it was the thought of having to eat the green bean salad that made you tear up? :))