Monday, August 8, 2011

Slithery Snake

I had a few odd scraps of green towel left over from Strapping Young Lad's Beach Bathrobe.  I believe that it was my Mom who suggested that a plush snake would be a very nice project to assemble from the scraps.

I absent-mindedly agreed.  On a recent morning that we didn't have to go anywhere, Strapping Young Lad asked, "When are we going to make my snake?"

"Today is the day", I said.

So Strapping Young Lad picked out some colored felts that he liked and I machine-stitched them on to the towel fabric.

I wrapped a slim length of wire with leftover batting scraps so that our snake would have a little bit of "bend."

Then I sewed him up, Strapping Young Lad helped stuff him after we inserted the batting-covered-wire...

And then I waited for about an hour, while Strapping Young Lad agonized over which buttons should be the eyes.  Really, an hour.  I ended up laughing hysterically over some of his selections, as did he.

He finally made a rather understated selection and went with two different-colored beads.

My favorite thing about this endeavor was that when he saw the finished snake and it's ribbon tongue, his immediate reaction was to grab it and make a snake noise..."hissss".

"Just right" when a project inspires a child's play. :-)

Although everyone knows the Old Timer saying..."The only good snake is a dead snake."


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