Friday, September 23, 2011

The Circus and Beachwear

We joined the circus.  Well..we didn't join it, but we worked our acts in one.  I have ridden in rodeos, roadshows, fairs, conventions, etc.....and I have to say that this experience was one of the best. 

We rode with the Vidbel Circus and they were delightful people to work for.  We would definately travel a few hundred miles to work for them anytime.  But as usual, I got too caught up in our work (performing, costume changing, horse-care, Indian/child care) to take pictures after the first few, but the-above-pictured is the bigtop tent on it's way up. :)

And it was nice that the owners' daughter is the same age as Strapping Young Lad.

Baby Girl enjoyed hanging out at the horse trailer and riding on Hubby's back during show-time.  Dum-dum lollipops and raisins are very helpful during these times.

Anyway, before and after this latest opportunity for our eccentric talents, I was working on a beach bathrobe for the Young Lady of this household.  Remember Strapping Young Lad's beachrobe?

This is made from fabulously-buttery-yellow towels from Wal-mart.  The bias tape edging is peachy pink which ties in very nicely with the flannel hood-lining.

I love feminine things for girls, though occasionally I grow weary of over-done hot pinks and purples.  Like, girls don't get to wear any other colors but pink or purple until they're...old.

This robe is very sweet and a little tart.  Just like my Baby Girl.

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