Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Onward We Go...

So sometimes we go less merrily than at other times. Yet, still we go.

It seems that we are faced with a burden that will not be resolved in the short-term. 

It appears that it is my lot to keep vigil.  I lay down my life by keeping watch over my child. By not resting.  In the present.  Everyday. 

Standing and fighting when it is wise.   And to lay purposefully in wait when it is wise; wait for the Truth to wind itself through the Muck and Mire of the Darkness.

I have watched as Strapping Young Lad, his 5-Year-Old Self, has solemnly advised Those with more liberal-leanings that:
 " Good always wins.  It might not always look like it, but in the End, Good always wins." 
 He says this knowingly.

We have worked to instill this in his young, pure Heart. 
 And so our teaching to my beloved Child comes back to me in my own darkest hours.  Good (God) always wins. 
And so, Dusk soundlessly descends upon our home.  Baby Girl mourns day's end in her bed.  I hear Strapping Young Lad's ceaseless chatter as he "helps" Hubby outside.

I breathe deeply of the herb bouquet that I've snipped from under the kitchen window. 

And I wait. Good always wins. 


  1. Good (God) always triumphs over evil...in HIS time. Praying. Love you Laurie! kam

  2. Hey pretty girl. That was a dark post...I hope everything's ok with you. I'll say a special prayer for my Merry little friend and her family tonight. Keep you chin up. ~Beth

  3. You are not alone. Keep watch, keep faith. Do not stumble in the darkness. And a child shall lead , his light so true and bright to guide the way. Keep heart. Stand firm at your post. Xoxo

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I know we all have our heartaches...
    My heart is stationed on what my mind knows (Good will prevail).

  5. There is a season....and agreed, Good(God) will prevail indeed. I have no profound words... just my simple faith clinging tightly to many Eternal Promises that are absolutes!!!! kls