Friday, October 21, 2011

HomeMade PJ's

I recently was eyeing up the boy's PJ's at Walmart for Strapping Young Lad.  All of his jammies fit him more like leotards...he's had a growth spurt.

I resisted the urge to "buy" and decided to make him some instead, since I do have a decent (though, now, dwindling)  plaid, flannel stash.

I've made him two sets of PJ's, the latter set being a work-yet-in-progress.  This first one is flannel plaid pants lined with striped flannel fabric, and a back pocket. 

Pockets always please Strapping Young Lad, of course.  Pockets are my no-fail-formula for pleasing the Young Man in My Life. 

Then I appliqued' a homemade alligator and moon and star to a new, white, long-sleeved tshirt for the top.

And sewed a button on for the alligator eye.  His tail wraps around the side of the shirt and to the back.  I feel a little smug...I know what my little fellow likes.  It's a mom's special lot in life to know the wee, little things that please her little ones' fancies.

Originally, I was speculating using an old tshirt of Hubby's to upcycle into the shirt for Strapping Young Lad...but Hubby's tshirt was worn and "doppich" and I decided not to go to all the work of making something out of almost-worn-out material.... Know what I mean? 

And here is the Strapping Young Lad in 1/2 of his new jammy set, with his freshly carved jack-o-lantern.  And yes, we made him blow out the candle before he retired to his bed for the night. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Away

We went away for the weekend.

I left all sewing and the sewing machine at home.

I promised myself that I would be relaxed and available for leisurely chit-chat long into the evening hours, without subjecting my family members to the droning of my sewing machine,  and not subjecting them to an absent-minded, work-intent, blank gaze in response to their attempts at conversation.

And I did just that. 

So I enjoyed lots of laughing and storytelling.

The clogged toilet proved to be a crowd favorite and a point-of-interest (Who Dunnit???)

Apple and grape picking, as well as, little hikes were enjoyed by all.

And the nice thing about Family is..they aren't picky about accommodations... and the More the Merrier.

And there it is.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Forward: Snake As An Accessory

After I finished Baby Girl's Beachrobe, I realized I ought to make her a snake with the scraps, just like I did for Strapping Young Lad.

The only major difference between the two snakes (hers and Strapping Young Lad's) is that I didn't put wire in Baby Girl's snake.  

 I had to remove the wire from Strapping Young Lad's snake see, when I crafted his snake, I wasn't planning on it being used as a bludgeon  during warfare...mock or otherwise.  Meanwhile, the wire started to work its way out and pricked unsuspecting victims...

So I don't advise utilizing my idea of putting wire in the snake, if you're planning to bludgeon others with it. ;)

As for Baby Girl, she prefers to accessorize with her snake, and wears it about her neck.