Monday, October 10, 2011

Fashion Forward: Snake As An Accessory

After I finished Baby Girl's Beachrobe, I realized I ought to make her a snake with the scraps, just like I did for Strapping Young Lad.

The only major difference between the two snakes (hers and Strapping Young Lad's) is that I didn't put wire in Baby Girl's snake.  

 I had to remove the wire from Strapping Young Lad's snake see, when I crafted his snake, I wasn't planning on it being used as a bludgeon  during warfare...mock or otherwise.  Meanwhile, the wire started to work its way out and pricked unsuspecting victims...

So I don't advise utilizing my idea of putting wire in the snake, if you're planning to bludgeon others with it. ;)

As for Baby Girl, she prefers to accessorize with her snake, and wears it about her neck.

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