Friday, October 21, 2011

HomeMade PJ's

I recently was eyeing up the boy's PJ's at Walmart for Strapping Young Lad.  All of his jammies fit him more like leotards...he's had a growth spurt.

I resisted the urge to "buy" and decided to make him some instead, since I do have a decent (though, now, dwindling)  plaid, flannel stash.

I've made him two sets of PJ's, the latter set being a work-yet-in-progress.  This first one is flannel plaid pants lined with striped flannel fabric, and a back pocket. 

Pockets always please Strapping Young Lad, of course.  Pockets are my no-fail-formula for pleasing the Young Man in My Life. 

Then I appliqued' a homemade alligator and moon and star to a new, white, long-sleeved tshirt for the top.

And sewed a button on for the alligator eye.  His tail wraps around the side of the shirt and to the back.  I feel a little smug...I know what my little fellow likes.  It's a mom's special lot in life to know the wee, little things that please her little ones' fancies.

Originally, I was speculating using an old tshirt of Hubby's to upcycle into the shirt for Strapping Young Lad...but Hubby's tshirt was worn and "doppich" and I decided not to go to all the work of making something out of almost-worn-out material.... Know what I mean? 

And here is the Strapping Young Lad in 1/2 of his new jammy set, with his freshly carved jack-o-lantern.  And yes, we made him blow out the candle before he retired to his bed for the night. :)

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  1. Such a special mommy you are...Baby Girl and Strapping Young Lad are blessed indeed!