Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Away

We went away for the weekend.

I left all sewing and the sewing machine at home.

I promised myself that I would be relaxed and available for leisurely chit-chat long into the evening hours, without subjecting my family members to the droning of my sewing machine,  and not subjecting them to an absent-minded, work-intent, blank gaze in response to their attempts at conversation.

And I did just that. 

So I enjoyed lots of laughing and storytelling.

The clogged toilet proved to be a crowd favorite and a point-of-interest (Who Dunnit???)

Apple and grape picking, as well as, little hikes were enjoyed by all.

And the nice thing about Family is..they aren't picky about accommodations... and the More the Merrier.

And there it is.

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