Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Holiday Dress For Baby Girl..Christmas perhaps?

As I've mentioned before, I have a large quantity of heavier fabrics (mostly for upholstery and decor and bridal satin) for my Ebay store Blackberry's Shed.

I've been admiring a plaid taffeta that has been a steady seller and took what-was-left-of-it out of my store.

Enter the pierrot dress tunic pattern..nice dress pattern for a little person for what could be an overwhelming plaid.

This time I put a ruffle at the collar as the pattern called for, but it looked too clownish on Baby Girl.  So I ripped it out and attached it to the skirt hem.

And Ah....lovely plaid simplicity.

(Also if anyone tries the Pierrot pattern at lengthened everything I've made with this pattern into a swingy dress with longer sleeves, than the pattern calls for.  The pattern is actually more for a little shirt tunic.)

I am envisioning this dress styled with little black tights and black patent leather shoes...perhaps a black velvet headband and we have a holiday outfit. Hmm?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Birdie Pocketbook

This was a therapeutic and amusing project I embarked upon this past weekend.

Made from an old sweater.  Just using my generalized take of what the shape of a bird is, as my pattern.

What little girl can't use a bird purse?

(I know, for once I'm not rambling on. And on.  Enjoy it while it lasts.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Girl's Holiday Dress

I bought some yellow fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard without having anything in mind for it yet.

Plain yellow. But not too warm, not to cool...with just the right amount of sheen.  It's perfect for this dress for Baby Girl.

It will probably be her Thanksgiving dress.  I's rather a "spring-y" yellow than a "fall" yellow.  But with brown tights and brown boots, it'll work just fine.

 PS I used the Pierrot pattern from  This is one of these simple patterns that allows you to whip up a very charming, swingy dress in very little time. 

Though I didn't put a ruffle at the collar, as the pattern calls for.  And the pockets and removable flower are my additions. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Part One of the New Family Member: The Best of Mutts from Alabama

When Strapping Young Lad was about 2 years old, I explained to him the difference between "pets" and animals that we eat...(ie we are a  family that hunts...)  I told him that we don't eat family members (our pets).  And in his Very-Young-Version-Of-The-English-Language, he would solemnly proclaim that we "don't eat 'hamily hembers'.."

At any rate, we lost 3 very precious, fuzzy, family members this fall: 

Moses, our ancient pony

Romy, our young Brittany Spaniel

Wolfy, our old husky/german shepherd

Blackberry, my old black mutt, is alive and well, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, we strongly feel the Absence left by the forementioned. 

So it was inevitable that my heart bled, proverbially speaking, over one dog in particular on Petfinder.  And Hubby is so sweet (aka indulgent) that he gave me the green light to adopt our newest "hamily hember."

Just like when we got Wolfy and Romy, we made the commitment to adopt and got out our pocketbooks, with the dog in question still sight unseen.

And this latest didn't disappoint.  She was advertised as a German Shepherd mix, about 6-8 years old.  Unremarkable with some quirks, really.  Has been waiting, in a foster home, to be adopted for years.  This wrung my heart out.

She turns out to be...Less regal German Shepherd... she looks more like a fat dingo to me.  I could only laugh as she got off the rescue-mobile transport that came straight from Alabama. 

She has a face that only a Mother could love.

She can best be described as "spare parts." 

She is backwards and timid, and resisted getting into our car to go home with us.  Part of me, just like sometimes in the past, thought "What did I get myself in to..."

We have our work cut out for us. 

But, you must see, our noble, beautiful Wolfy gave me the gift of being willing to fall  in love .... in spite of The Risk, or even though you know that the Time together is Short (we only had her 1 1/2 years), and that in spite of all the pain and tears when you must say "good-bye"...
 the Loving and Knowing is worth the pounds of pain.

The Blessing of Loving always outweighs the sacrifice that comes with it. 

So I know that I'll fall in love with this Homely Thing, our new dog, that until now has not been wanted.

Stay tuned for Part 2...this story gets better...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sock Creations from Sockology

Recently, I grabbed "Sockology" by Brenna Maloney, as we dashed through the library trying to check out before Baby Girl "fell to pieces" (ie started screaming in exhaustion or boredom!)

The result of that haphazard grab was two afternoons of crafting and a trip to Walmart with just Strapping Young Lad.

These are the products of our labor (and excruciating decision-making in the button/bead aisle of Walmart) :

This is a frog, in case you were wondering.  I love his lips.

He's so kissable schmissable.

This is an alligator, complete with zippered mouth for holding Important Things.

Isn't he stunning. 
 (I think he has already been used as a makeshift bludgeon...)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Quest for Homemade PJ comfort continued...

As I mentioned previously, I made two jammy sets for Strapping Young Lad...this being the second set.

The pants are made from a bolt of cloth that was manufactured for tea towels.  It's cotton, cream, and  very nicely woven and textured.  I lined these pants then with Hubby's old, white tshirt, that I had decided not to use for fashioning into a jammy shirt for Strapping Young Lad due to the material being "worn".  It worked just fine for a soft liner, however.

And, I did buy a black and grey camouflage shirt for the PJ tops, so I sewed the white pants with contrasting black thread.

And I made an applique of a boar for the shirt.  The boar applique' is inspired by a recent and adored book, The Three Little Gators by Helen Ketteman, found at the library ...a book based on the tired story of the three little pigs, but that ultimately we all were charmed by.  In this particular version, the villain is "the Big Bottomed Boar". 

Really, I moaned and groaned about this book, though as I read it the first time to Strapping Young Lad, I became caught up in the delightful patter of the narrative and the "big bottomed boar" shaking his "big bottom"... 

 I digress, I realize. 

So I made this pig applique as our version of the "big bottomed boar" for Strapping Young Lad's very manly, camo shirt.