Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Holiday Dress For Baby Girl..Christmas perhaps?

As I've mentioned before, I have a large quantity of heavier fabrics (mostly for upholstery and decor and bridal satin) for my Ebay store Blackberry's Shed.

I've been admiring a plaid taffeta that has been a steady seller and took what-was-left-of-it out of my store.

Enter the pierrot dress tunic pattern..nice dress pattern for a little person for what could be an overwhelming plaid.

This time I put a ruffle at the collar as the pattern called for, but it looked too clownish on Baby Girl.  So I ripped it out and attached it to the skirt hem.

And Ah....lovely plaid simplicity.

(Also if anyone tries the Pierrot pattern at lengthened everything I've made with this pattern into a swingy dress with longer sleeves, than the pattern calls for.  The pattern is actually more for a little shirt tunic.)

I am envisioning this dress styled with little black tights and black patent leather shoes...perhaps a black velvet headband and we have a holiday outfit. Hmm?

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