Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Girl's Holiday Dress

I bought some yellow fabric at Walmart for $1.50 a yard without having anything in mind for it yet.

Plain yellow. But not too warm, not to cool...with just the right amount of sheen.  It's perfect for this dress for Baby Girl.

It will probably be her Thanksgiving dress.  I know...it's rather a "spring-y" yellow than a "fall" yellow.  But with brown tights and brown boots, it'll work just fine.

 PS I used the Pierrot pattern from made-by-rae.com.  This is one of these simple patterns that allows you to whip up a very charming, swingy dress in very little time. 

Though I didn't put a ruffle at the collar, as the pattern calls for.  And the pockets and removable flower are my additions. :)


  1. Very perky and bright for this celebrative time of year! Pockets and flower are an asset. Get Baby Girl and camera ready for a photo shoot!kls

  2. The pockets really make the dress! I like them! The dress/flower/pockets will all look very sweet on your little one! =)

  3. this is adorable! i just made my 3rd pierrot this morning for a baby friend- i like your pockets and the flower! so sweet :)