Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Quest for Homemade PJ comfort continued...

As I mentioned previously, I made two jammy sets for Strapping Young Lad...this being the second set.

The pants are made from a bolt of cloth that was manufactured for tea towels.  It's cotton, cream, and  very nicely woven and textured.  I lined these pants then with Hubby's old, white tshirt, that I had decided not to use for fashioning into a jammy shirt for Strapping Young Lad due to the material being "worn".  It worked just fine for a soft liner, however.

And, I did buy a black and grey camouflage shirt for the PJ tops, so I sewed the white pants with contrasting black thread.

And I made an applique of a boar for the shirt.  The boar applique' is inspired by a recent and adored book, The Three Little Gators by Helen Ketteman, found at the library ...a book based on the tired story of the three little pigs, but that ultimately we all were charmed by.  In this particular version, the villain is "the Big Bottomed Boar". 

Really, I moaned and groaned about this book, though as I read it the first time to Strapping Young Lad, I became caught up in the delightful patter of the narrative and the "big bottomed boar" shaking his "big bottom"... 

 I digress, I realize. 

So I made this pig applique as our version of the "big bottomed boar" for Strapping Young Lad's very manly, camo shirt.

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