Friday, November 11, 2011

Sock Creations from Sockology

Recently, I grabbed "Sockology" by Brenna Maloney, as we dashed through the library trying to check out before Baby Girl "fell to pieces" (ie started screaming in exhaustion or boredom!)

The result of that haphazard grab was two afternoons of crafting and a trip to Walmart with just Strapping Young Lad.

These are the products of our labor (and excruciating decision-making in the button/bead aisle of Walmart) :

This is a frog, in case you were wondering.  I love his lips.

He's so kissable schmissable.

This is an alligator, complete with zippered mouth for holding Important Things.

Isn't he stunning. 
 (I think he has already been used as a makeshift bludgeon...)

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