Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bear's Bag

Last December I was a "blogging fool"....

This December, I have a fleeting thought about a post and then promptly dismiss it.

Meanwhile, we have been busy with Important Things...
Take this sleeping bag for Bear, for instance.

One of the blogs I follow, the Sewing Dork, did a post on softie sleeping bags.  You can see hers here; I showed it to Strapping Young Lad to see if he had any interest in making one... he, of course, did, and I was fortunate enough to have some funky monkey scraps in my stash to appease his requests.

This was fast and easy to make; and Strapping Young Lad did much of the sewing.  A good project to start him out on...

He was not pleased that the "right" sides of the fabric face "in" while sewing.  He was convinced I was ruining his Bear-Bag.  I explained about sewing so that the ugly seams are inside with the "wrong" side of the fabric...finally, in exasperation I told him, "You're just going to have to trust me."

He was relieved when the it all turned out "just right." :)

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