Friday, December 16, 2011

Manly Hardware Wear

No pun intended.  It just didn't sound right to say "manly hardware jewelry."  The phrase felt contradictory.

At any rate, Strapping Young Lad and I (and "Gummaw" at intervals!) have been laboring on a Christmas craft that involves much page-folding, a great deal of spray paint, and pine cones.

 (By the way, I pictured an idyllic scene picking pine cones with Strapping Young Lad with our white enamelware-farm-buckets, but pinecones are tough buggers to get off of the tree, in the event that one is not willing to wait for them to fall off naturally..and, of course, we were not waiting...).

So while we had the spray paint out for our incredibly-long-drawn-out-Other-Project, Strapping Young Lad had the idea to paint one of his treasures (a very nice washer, actually). 

And while we were at it, I thought it might make a nice Man-Necklace when paired with a dashing, striped ribbon in complementary shades. :)

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