Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quilt Projects

I decided, overnight, to make Strapping Young Lad a bed-sized quilt.  He has several quilts in varying sizes that I've made him...but none that cover him and his bed entirely.

So I took my time designing a sampler quilt with blocks wrought with meaning, colors and fabrics chosen carefully to convey my message. 

 And I am taking my time with it to ensure that it is "Just right", but in the meantime I decided to throw together a different, very quick quilt for his bed. ( I have "overachiever" problems that I sometimes am able to squelch, but, alas, was unsuccessful this time...)

This is the pieced quilt backing for the Quick Quilt, which I like very much.  I threw in fabrics that have personal meaning to me and will for Strapping Young Lad as well.

This is the quilt top.  I used the Escapade pattern with the Posiedon fat quarter bundle from Rober Kauffman.

Sometimes I feel like all the stitching might swallow me up, when I'm working on a big quilt.  My quick quilt became "less quick" when I decided to heavily quilt it.  No matter,still chugging right along on it.

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  1. Quite an effort, I'd say. All the unspoken messages and meaning that go with the quilt make it priceless and rich in content. The young lad should love he loves you, Merry Mama! kls