Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 1

As I mentioned earlier, after the "quick quilt" I made for Strapping Young Lad's bed, comes the carefully-designed "Message Quilt."

It's a sampler quilt, so each block is different.  It has been fun so far making a variety of blocks. 

I'll post each block one-at-a-time.  The beauty of a sampler quilt is not having to cut 500 pieces of the same scraps, but instead I mull over each block and take my time until I've settled what the-perfect-fabric-choice is.

The first block for Mr Strapping Young Lad's quilt (he has had a voice in the design process ;) ) is the good old "Bear Paw."

I haven't been a solid-fabric (as opposed to a print) kind-of-a-girl until now, but I have a bunch of nice scraps from the Quick Quilt.  And the Bear Paw block seemed to want to be straightforward and uncluttered.

The Bear Paw block is in this quilt because Strapping Young Lad is my bear cub, and I'm his Mama Bear.  And the kid just likes bears.

Sometimes it's difficult to photograph things.  Certain Parties (dogs and children) like to be as close-to-whatever-I'm-working-on as they can be.  (I secretly cherish this inconvenience)

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