Friday, January 13, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 2

There are 30 different blocks to make for this quilt.  This is the second, called Birds In The Air.

It reminds me of Strapping Young Lad's "Herd of Birds" that he can see out his big bedroom windows.  (I have, in fact, shared with him that birds come in "flocks", not "herds.") 

At any rate, this fall and early winter, these common birds (probably starlings...pests no-one likes...but, sometimes you just have to see the magic in something) have fluttered and flocked around our house.  There were so many of them, we could hear their wings from inside.

Hundreds of them would descend in the yard, at a time.  And Strapping Young Lad enjoyed this immensely.

So this block is for his "herd of birds" and a token to the memory of the delight of my child about something so simple as birds in the air.

Two blocks down, and 28 more to go.

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