Monday, January 16, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 4, Dutchman's Puzzle

This block, the Dutchman's Puzzle, was chosen be included in this quilt as a nod to our Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, to remind Strapping Young Lad..."Don't forget where you come from!"

Because as Pappy Fred always said, "You're a Dutchman." 

And the avocado-ish/minty green fabric was chosen to keep in our family memory, how Mema and Pappy Fred painted...just-about-everything... that distinct color of green. 

And my grandparents gave free reign to this particular hue  by painting:

Their living room.
The sunroom.
At one point, they had carpet that color.

When they felt the need to "freshen" up the house a bit, they just slapped a slightly different shade of green on one (yes, only one) of the walls.

Let's talk about this shade of green for a moment. 

Is it "institutional green"?
 Is it "state hospital green"? 
"Cafeteria green"?
"70's kitchen green"?

No matter, I don't wish to paint anything this color, but it pleases me to immortalize it forever in Strapping Young Lad's quilt.

Four blocks down, and 26 more to go.

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