Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 20, Red Cross

This is a Red Cross block chosen for Strapping Young Lad's quilt.

It's to remind Strapping Young Lad to help those in need.  Those who are suffering.

And simply... a kind, sincere word goes a lot farther than you'll ever know, Strapping Young Lad.

Twenty blocks down, and 10 left to go!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 19, Hovering Hawks

Hovering Hawks can symbolize foraging soldiers on both sides.  This block is common in Civil War quilts.

This block is a Call to Arms, for Strapping Young Lad.

"Like a roaring lion he is prowling about seeking to destroy you."

A little heavy for a 5-year-old?
No, Strapping Young Lad has already endured what no child should have to.

Stand up and Fight.
Fight for yourself.
Don't listen to the Lies.. ("evil doesn't exist"... "it's your imagination")
Evil does exist. 
See it.  And when It comes knockin',  Fight it.


Nineteen blocks down, 11 more to go.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Storm

It is my Mother who reminded me of the illustration we've all heard at some time:

The Storm raged, prowling for Life in its path. The hungry Winds screamed.
Intent on Destruction.
But the little Bird nestled closer to the Tree.
The Mighty Tree.
And not even one feather on the little Bird was ruffled by the Terror, the swirling Darkness.
Because of the shelter of the Tree.

And so I remind myself...The Tree. (Do you know Him?)

The sun sets.  This Day is Over.
Tonight is for Rest.
We'll be ready to Fight when the Day comes.

The Message Quilt: Block 18, Whirlpool

I chose the Whirlpool block for this quilt as a reminder to Strapping Young Lad... to be aware.  Know the currents.  Know where they'll take you.

Be mindful of your surroundings, whether in nature or among people. 

Eighteen blocks down, 12 more to go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 17, Bird's Nest

This next block is called "Bird's Nest."  I really, really like this block, but didn't particularly enjoy assembling it.

I chose this for Strapping Young Lad's quilt as a symbol of our Home, his nest.

I love my Peeps.  I love feathering this Nest.  I generally feel like our clucky, indigant hens...fussing over, caring for, Peeps. 
And "flopping" anything that interferes with these Peepers.

But someday I'll say,

With all my love, fly away!" 

 Heartbreaking for Momma. 
But my very Important Job. 

 So, Strapping Young Lad, just know that I have "feathered" your nest Diligently.  Purposefully.
And I've cherished every minute.
 Fly high, kiddo.

Seventeen blocks down, 13 more to go.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 16, Cross and Crown

The Cross and Crown block represents Jesus' cross and his crown of thorns. 
 His love, his death, and his victory.

I chose this block for Strapping Young Lad's quilt because....the most important question for life is:

What will you do with Jesus?

And the block is to remind Strapping Young Lad of the walk we took on Pops Lane, two springs ago.  After a heartfelt conversation about life and death and that even Satchel, our horse that he was riding, would die someday too..Strapping Young Lad said that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart.

And so he did.

Remember that day, Strapping Young Lad. 

Sixteen blocks down, and 14 more to go!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Party

I can't resist posting some of these pictures.  We really needed a party and that's what we had.  I know that at least my own mother will feel this post is pertinent to the blog. :)

So we had a fun Valentine's Day.
I think one of the best parts was the face painting.

There was some rivalry over the mirror for self-admiration.

We had Valentine guests stop in right at the end of the face-painting segment. (Perfect timing)  They were quite favorably received.

Dinner was so nice.  Spinach lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.  Hubby contributed the center piece.

I opened a quart of homemade grape juice for the occasion.  It made the kids smack their little lips.  They drank it all.

How was your Valentine's?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 15, Monkey Wrench

The Monkey Wrench quilt block was chosen for this quilt simply because it's a fun block.

Anyway, Strapping Young Lad always reminded me of a monkey ("moncree") when he was very Wee.

And through the years, he has ferreted away many scraps of my funky monkey fabric.

And I'm noticing, if you haven't, that his feet have had a very consistent presence throughout the photo shoot I did for several of these blocks.  Perhaps a note-of-interest, instead of looking at just a bunch of Someone's quilt blocks, eh?

Fifteen blocks down, 15 more to go. Halfway there!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweetheart Tunics

In between quilt blocks, I had the urge to make something for the kids to wear for Valentine's Day.

Which is unusual.  I don't normal "fuss" over holidays.  Haven't really done "matchy-matchy", on purpose anyway.

But I had a ball making these little shirts for the kids.  Especially since Strapping Young Lad has been making valentine's for a month now and has been so looking forward to Valentine's Day (er, that's Valen Time's Day).

So, Polka Dots with red for Her.

Hubby and I mused that Baby Girl should always wear polka-dots (very fitting).

And a Sailboat for Him.

Something about this Sailboat reminds me of Wynkin, Blynkin, and Nod. Love it.

I had enough red fabric leftover to make a shirt for my other Sweetheart (Hubby), but when thus informed, he hastily said, "No thanks." (?!)

(This picture should be called "Mad Dash to Freedom".  This is what happens when they get out the front door...)


Here's to my Sweethearts! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 14, The Palm

The Palm is a great block, and a good one for Strapping Young Lad's quilt because I love, love, love its aesthetics, as well as its meaning.

And the Palm quilt block is symbolic of Jesus' triumphant ride into Jerusalem, as the long-awaited King and Messiah. 

I didn't intend that Strapping Young Lad's quilt be "religious." I guess that one doesn't separate true faith from your nitty-gritty life, hhmm?

In Strapping Young Lad's case, his first love is Jesus. So this block is to remind him...all will be fullfilled.  As promised.  Stay true to the King.

Fourteen blocks down, and 16 more to go.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 13, Storm at Sea

I find Storm at Sea to be a very eye-appealing pattern.  I think it would make very interesting secondary patterns to use this block in multiples.

(sometimes I don't have time to crop "the feet" out of my pictures...)

It was chosen for this quilt as a representation of all the Storms of Life.  They (the storms) must be weathered.

Keep your gaze steadfast on the Light, Strapping Young Lad.
And you'll be alright.

Thirteen blocks down, 17 more to go.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More adventures in dyeing

I have this great coat of my grandmother's.

I've been subconsciously craving an emerald green coat and this coat needed some freshening up anyway.

So, I used the RIT dye formula for emerald green (lemon yellow and evening blue..
my mystery-fabric coat does not accept dye.

The liner sure did.  And it did freshen up the color, at least.

I think I may alter the length on this a bit (I'm a shorty...5'3"), and it might be more flattering.  And it does have a belt which is cute.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dying Jeans Experiment for Faded Jeans

I recently gave an all-American effort to extending the life of two worn and loved pairs of jeans.

I searched and found a few blogs detailing their results in similiar quests.

Armed with this information, I decided to run my 2 pairs of jeans through the washing machine with 1 bottle of RIT navy blue dye, combined with one packet denim blue dye.


After the navy and denim blue dye:

My dye choices left me with an unreal, indigo colored hue.  (It's more obvious in real-life, than in the picture.  My old jeans are now utterly lacking any charm whatsoever in this new hue.)
So I ran both pairs of jeans through the washer again, this time with half of a RIT black dye packet.

After doing a cycle in half a packet of black dye:

This certainly improved the color, but it still isn't perfect.  If I did this again, I'd use the navy blue dye with black dye (instead of denim blue), in an effort to get the super, dark jean look.  Not get a primary color as I did. :)

The "denim blue" RIT dye is too indigo based.  I've done a pair of jeans before with just that color, and it's definately not the blue jean color that I love.

The suggested ratio that I found on a blog somewhere was one packet of navy blue dye to 1/2 packet of black dye, for one pair of jeans.

So maybe my experience will help someone else out there hoping to revitalize their favorite faded jeans...

Good luck!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 12, Road to Fortune

Ah, the Road to Fortune block.  What kind of fortune? Will it be good?

Well, this block is to remind Strapping Young Lad:

Choose wisely, Child.
Much of your fortune is a product of your choices.
Choose well.

Twelve down, and 18 more to go!