Monday, February 6, 2012

Dying Jeans Experiment for Faded Jeans

I recently gave an all-American effort to extending the life of two worn and loved pairs of jeans.

I searched and found a few blogs detailing their results in similiar quests.

Armed with this information, I decided to run my 2 pairs of jeans through the washing machine with 1 bottle of RIT navy blue dye, combined with one packet denim blue dye.


After the navy and denim blue dye:

My dye choices left me with an unreal, indigo colored hue.  (It's more obvious in real-life, than in the picture.  My old jeans are now utterly lacking any charm whatsoever in this new hue.)
So I ran both pairs of jeans through the washer again, this time with half of a RIT black dye packet.

After doing a cycle in half a packet of black dye:

This certainly improved the color, but it still isn't perfect.  If I did this again, I'd use the navy blue dye with black dye (instead of denim blue), in an effort to get the super, dark jean look.  Not get a primary color as I did. :)

The "denim blue" RIT dye is too indigo based.  I've done a pair of jeans before with just that color, and it's definately not the blue jean color that I love.

The suggested ratio that I found on a blog somewhere was one packet of navy blue dye to 1/2 packet of black dye, for one pair of jeans.

So maybe my experience will help someone else out there hoping to revitalize their favorite faded jeans...

Good luck!

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