Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweetheart Tunics

In between quilt blocks, I had the urge to make something for the kids to wear for Valentine's Day.

Which is unusual.  I don't normal "fuss" over holidays.  Haven't really done "matchy-matchy", on purpose anyway.

But I had a ball making these little shirts for the kids.  Especially since Strapping Young Lad has been making valentine's for a month now and has been so looking forward to Valentine's Day (er, that's Valen Time's Day).

So, Polka Dots with red for Her.

Hubby and I mused that Baby Girl should always wear polka-dots (very fitting).

And a Sailboat for Him.

Something about this Sailboat reminds me of Wynkin, Blynkin, and Nod. Love it.

I had enough red fabric leftover to make a shirt for my other Sweetheart (Hubby), but when thus informed, he hastily said, "No thanks." (?!)

(This picture should be called "Mad Dash to Freedom".  This is what happens when they get out the front door...)


Here's to my Sweethearts! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone.


  1. Love abounds and knows no barriers! Happy Valentine's Day to you Merry Mama and those you love!

  2. I love to see kids in sweet handmades! Those are great and colorful.