Saturday, March 31, 2012

If I Could Paint....

If I could paint...(or draw)...

I would paint a Lady Warrior.
The War Horse that she is astride...he stamps.  He paws.  And snorts. 
He's ready to carry Her to Fight.
  He knows what they face ...and his Angry eyes roll back as he tosses his head in defiance of All that is Dark (he is a creature of the Light).

Her body is lithe.  The veins in her strong arms bulge; she wields her weapons.
 Her graceful hair swirls around her.
But she turns her makes one gasp..
Her's Ugly.
  Aged beyond her Time. 
Disfigured with scars.
 Her skin... is blemished with pain.
Her eyes are Fierce, with the Love that she fights for, Everyday.
  She knows Defeat, and she knows Despair.
Anguish is the rhythm of her blood.
But still she Fights. 
She will not rest.
(It's Child that she fights for.)
 Her face, what was once Pretty, is Gone.
 She doesn't care. 
She was once Vain, but now she lives to Protect.
 Her strong body fueled by her Heart (her Love) prevail...

The Child that she fights for.
 He is Beautiful.  Young, but also a Warrior (of Light).

   And so the Lady Warrior abides, mounted and Armed.
 She keeps Vigil; pacing while she prepares to Attack. 
Until Child is safe.

That is my painting.  It's "out there".  I don't expect you to understand it...unless you've  had to Fight for your Child's life.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 25, Clown

We're rolling down the home stretch here as far as quilt blocks are concerned.
This particular block is called "Clown."

Strapping Young Lad has a bit of clown in him.
Some lightheartedness and fun is important.

And we have a rodeo clown in our lives.
And Shay B has been a bit of the clown in the circus already.

The trademark of this kid is his wink and his smile.
Even as a wee baby, he'd make the girls laugh in the doctor's office.
Just a sweet, funny kid.

Twenty-five down, and only 5 more to go!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It took us awhile to settle on a name for this puppy.

We could've named him "Healer." (yes, healer, not heeler)

We finally settled on naming him "Fratelli."

It means "Brothers". (yes, plural)

They are Brothers, hhmm?

Friday, March 23, 2012


...Lay me on the ground

Fly me in the sky...

Heaven, let your light shine down...

Heaven, let your light shine on me...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's talk about Loooove

As mentioned before, our family has been on the receiving end of a crime. 
What is particularly excruciating is that we're not safe until the perpetrator is behind bars. 
 It is interesting to know now what it's like to live with founded daily fear.
And to be powerless. 
 It lends perspective for us in regards to others, also in suffering for various reasons, around the globe.

Meanwhile, allow me to rant about Love.  It sustains us.

Love is less pastels and Victorian romances (I am an ardent Jane Austen fan).

Love is not poetry.

Love is not always soft.

Love is Fierce.

Love does not tuck tail and run on the Day of Trouble.

Love bears terrible defeat, dusts itself off, and lives to protect the Object of Love another day.

When the dust..the smoke clears..Love is there.  It was there all along; it never left. 

Love is steadfastly standing by and with.  Even though this is not the Life Anyone dreamed of.

Love sustains the Others.  At great personal cost.

Love looks Evil in the eye, though Heart trembles in fear.  Love looks Evil in the eye and says "I'll not rest until Child is safe. And you're behind bars."

Love picks up the Pieces.  Every-D*mn-Day.  Hand-in-hand.

The Message Quilt: Block 24, Fox and Geese

Fox and Geese is an interesting block. 
 I fussy-cut a little intent with the quilt is to keep it "timeless" so that Strapping Young Lad will feel like he can use it his whole life, if he wishes. 
 But I couldn't resist the fox...I think he (the fox) can translate into adulthood later...

And the block is merely symbolic that...
Foxes will always chase Geese.
It is the Way of Things.
And some Things Will Never Change.

Twenty-four blocks down, and 6 more to go!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 23, Crossroads

I love this block.  I didn't love assembling it.  Nor is it perfect.  But it's good enough. :)

I chose this for the quilt, because the block is so beautiful.  And often in real life, when you reach a Crossroads, both paths are inviting.  There may not always be a "right" or "wrong" decision.

But there may be a "good" or "better" choice.
So, Strapping Young Lad, remember that there is wisdom in many counselors.  And One who will direct your way, if you ask.

Twenty-three blocks down, 7 more to go.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 22, Arkansas Traveler/BowTies

 This is the Arkansas Traveler block, but I think it looks like bow ties.

It's a neat block for the quilt, because Strapping Young Lad has some of his Pappy's old-fashioned bow ties and loves to wear them.

This is a little nod to simple pleasures.

Twenty-two blocks down, and 8 more to go!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Strapping Young Lad's Castle of Dreams

This is Strapping Young Lad's Castle of (for) Dreams.  It even has a flying pig...

I was inspired by a post on A Fanciful Twist, to make a special canopy.

I used grey fabric from my store that is color-reminiscient (to me) of a castle.

This canopy is inspired and crafted with love. 
 Especially because Hubby spent the better part of his Saturday riding along my spur-of-the-moment idea, to make this come together for Strapping Young Lad.

Something to remind him he's safe here.

 Sweet Dreams to you, Child,
from the bottoms of our hearts.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cubicle Fabric Rustic Bags

Check out these  lined "burlap" bags for kitchen storage by Cynthia (The Sewing Dork)! (Don't forget to check out her blog to see what else she's been up to...) I love her contrasting fabric choice and this is such a useful, pretty idea for the cubicle fabric.

...I'm inspired to make these and the coasters she made!  These two projects are perfect for simple gifts that just about anyone can use...
Thank you, Cynthia, for playing along with the cubicle fabric project.  You came up with two great ideas!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cubicle Fabric Coasters

 As I mentioned yesterday, I'm excited that Cynthia from The Sewing Dork made a few things with the cubicle fabric!
Cynthia's first idea for the cubicle fabric is coasters.  She machine-embroidered them.  Visit her post about them here, for more detail about her process.

I LOVE these! Two words:
(I must add..Useful...)

And this idea for the fabric is proof that you don't always have to have an expensive designer fabric to come up with something eye catching.

 Check in tomorrow to see what else Cynthia came up with. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Blue Cubicle Fabric Play-Along

If you've read along through the past year or so, I've mentioned and/or crafted several times with my blue polyester cubicle fabric, which is in my Ebay store Blackberry's Shed.

I even featured a giveaway (lucky, lucky Kim! ha ha).

A Year (or so) of Cubicle Fabric in Review:

Yes, well, I still have 2 big rolls of it and I ran out of inspiration for it.  Not to mention that it's color, heather blue, is..well, how many things do you really want to be heather blue?
At any rate, I decided to invite another blogger to see what she would come up with to make from this fabric.
So this week I'll be posting the projects from Cynthia, from over at The Sewing Dork. ( I check into Cynthia's blog regularly.  She churns out a steady stream of inspiring, handmade goodies for her family, and I frequently get a good laugh at her musings.)

Meanwhile, to kick off this play-along-fabric-idea, I forced myself to come up with something else to make with the fabric.

And here it is. 

The fabric does well for a home-spunny rag doll dress.

Sorry about Dolly's receding hairline...she doesn't mind, she has a new dress!

There is my foray back into cubicle-fabric-wonder.

And I'd like to make this bag (from Anna of Noodlehead) with cubicle fabric, when I snatch some time to do it.  Check out the link for Anna's blog; she has a free tutorial for the bag.

(picture from Noodlhead)

 Check back in tomorrow and Wednesday to see the creative and delightful projects Cynthia (aka The Sewing Dork) came up with!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 21, Fish on a Dish

 I love Fish on a Dish.

 It has Biblical meanings historically, but I chose it for this quilt because Hubby loves to fish and so does Strapping Young Lad.  Fishing is something special that those Two do together.

So remember these times, Strapping Young Lad. 

Twenty one blocks down, 9 more to go!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Fact of the Matter Is....

Yes, the fact of the matter is...Dear Readers.... (all 11 of you)...

I realize that the posts for the last 6 months have varied from light-hearted to dark.  And back again.

You may be thinking the reasons for this could be that Merry Mama is 1 or all of the following:
A. paranoid
B. has some sort of bizarre personality disorder
C. enjoys dramatic displays
D. is out of touch with "reality" (cough, cough... CRAZY)

Well, let's be frank.  I sincerely believe that the forementioned aren't applicable (for the most part).

The Fact is that the Merrily-As-We-Go household are victims of a Crime
A particularly Ugly one.
 (What Crime isn't Ugly, hhmm?  And walking through the criminal process on the path to Justice is grueling.)

 I said it.
 No messy details though.
 But when I started this blog, things were very different.
 I knew I could "be merry" during "difficult" times.
 Been through a few.

But this "difficult" time feels more like survival, 
(As Hubby dryly says, "If it doesn't kill you, you'll wish that it did."  This makes me laugh.  Which is a better alternative to crying.)
 and "being merry" has been a very, very Tall order to fill.

Nonetheless, I believe that I ought to attempt/pursue Merryiness (is that a word?). 
 But bear with me as my blog occasionally reflects....
There is Thunder in our Hearts.
We're a trifle Bent. 
Broken, even.

But like Strapping Young Lad's quilt block, the Whirlwind...
the Beauty is there.
The Magic (the Love) is there.

So we limp forward focusing on these Things. 
And my Friends, here is to soldiering on and making the best of what's been dealt ya.