Monday, March 5, 2012

The Blue Cubicle Fabric Play-Along

If you've read along through the past year or so, I've mentioned and/or crafted several times with my blue polyester cubicle fabric, which is in my Ebay store Blackberry's Shed.

I even featured a giveaway (lucky, lucky Kim! ha ha).

A Year (or so) of Cubicle Fabric in Review:

Yes, well, I still have 2 big rolls of it and I ran out of inspiration for it.  Not to mention that it's color, heather blue, is..well, how many things do you really want to be heather blue?
At any rate, I decided to invite another blogger to see what she would come up with to make from this fabric.
So this week I'll be posting the projects from Cynthia, from over at The Sewing Dork. ( I check into Cynthia's blog regularly.  She churns out a steady stream of inspiring, handmade goodies for her family, and I frequently get a good laugh at her musings.)

Meanwhile, to kick off this play-along-fabric-idea, I forced myself to come up with something else to make with the fabric.

And here it is. 

The fabric does well for a home-spunny rag doll dress.

Sorry about Dolly's receding hairline...she doesn't mind, she has a new dress!

There is my foray back into cubicle-fabric-wonder.

And I'd like to make this bag (from Anna of Noodlehead) with cubicle fabric, when I snatch some time to do it.  Check out the link for Anna's blog; she has a free tutorial for the bag.

(picture from Noodlhead)

 Check back in tomorrow and Wednesday to see the creative and delightful projects Cynthia (aka The Sewing Dork) came up with!


  1. A Year In Review - I love it! The fabric is perfect for the dolls dress, but I love it's unexpectedness on the vest most.

  2. Thanks again Laurie! 1 year later and I still haven't created anything...although I have thought about doing so more than once. Hope that counts for something. Between you and the "Sewing Dork" I may just make one of the things mentioned in the blogs! LY Kim

  3. Kim: Yes, I know... "The Sewing Dork" gave me a few "ah-ha" moments. :) I intend to get going on some gifts with it, I just have to wade through the 5 or so other projects in the off-ing. (Do you have that problem? One idea breeds other ideas, like rabbits, and I just can't crank it all out. But I do have 5 or so fabulous things started. lol)