Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Fact of the Matter Is....

Yes, the fact of the matter is...Dear Readers.... (all 11 of you)...

I realize that the posts for the last 6 months have varied from light-hearted to dark.  And back again.

You may be thinking the reasons for this could be that Merry Mama is 1 or all of the following:
A. paranoid
B. has some sort of bizarre personality disorder
C. enjoys dramatic displays
D. is out of touch with "reality" (cough, cough... CRAZY)

Well, let's be frank.  I sincerely believe that the forementioned aren't applicable (for the most part).

The Fact is that the Merrily-As-We-Go household are victims of a Crime
A particularly Ugly one.
 (What Crime isn't Ugly, hhmm?  And walking through the criminal process on the path to Justice is grueling.)

 I said it.
 No messy details though.
 But when I started this blog, things were very different.
 I knew I could "be merry" during "difficult" times.
 Been through a few.

But this "difficult" time feels more like survival, 
(As Hubby dryly says, "If it doesn't kill you, you'll wish that it did."  This makes me laugh.  Which is a better alternative to crying.)
 and "being merry" has been a very, very Tall order to fill.

Nonetheless, I believe that I ought to attempt/pursue Merryiness (is that a word?). 
 But bear with me as my blog occasionally reflects....
There is Thunder in our Hearts.
We're a trifle Bent. 
Broken, even.

But like Strapping Young Lad's quilt block, the Whirlwind...
the Beauty is there.
The Magic (the Love) is there.

So we limp forward focusing on these Things. 
And my Friends, here is to soldiering on and making the best of what's been dealt ya.


  1. Oh dear...Sure hope that every wrong against you gets righted. (Is "righted" a word?) ~You know what I mean. For the record, I don't think your blog has been dark...just very real and I think real is better than fake. Keep that chin up, Merry Mama... I'm cheering your merry little family on...and wish the best for y'all! =)

  2. Oh...and is THAT a NEW PUPPY???? =) Cute, cute, cute! Is there anything sweeter than a little boy and a pup?

  3. Thanks, Beth. :) And yes, THAT is a new puppy. He's brought a lot of smiles and laughter. And healing. Aren't animals amazing like that...Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. I like that cute! And you're welcome for the good and your Merry family are so special. =)