Saturday, March 31, 2012

If I Could Paint....

If I could paint...(or draw)...

I would paint a Lady Warrior.
The War Horse that she is astride...he stamps.  He paws.  And snorts. 
He's ready to carry Her to Fight.
  He knows what they face ...and his Angry eyes roll back as he tosses his head in defiance of All that is Dark (he is a creature of the Light).

Her body is lithe.  The veins in her strong arms bulge; she wields her weapons.
 Her graceful hair swirls around her.
But she turns her makes one gasp..
Her's Ugly.
  Aged beyond her Time. 
Disfigured with scars.
 Her skin... is blemished with pain.
Her eyes are Fierce, with the Love that she fights for, Everyday.
  She knows Defeat, and she knows Despair.
Anguish is the rhythm of her blood.
But still she Fights. 
She will not rest.
(It's Child that she fights for.)
 Her face, what was once Pretty, is Gone.
 She doesn't care. 
She was once Vain, but now she lives to Protect.
 Her strong body fueled by her Heart (her Love) prevail...

The Child that she fights for.
 He is Beautiful.  Young, but also a Warrior (of Light).

   And so the Lady Warrior abides, mounted and Armed.
 She keeps Vigil; pacing while she prepares to Attack. 
Until Child is safe.

That is my painting.  It's "out there".  I don't expect you to understand it...unless you've  had to Fight for your Child's life.


  1. Awesome "painting", Merry Mama!
    And so it is. Lady Warrior will
    fight on for The Child, the true
    hearted child. She WILL prevail...

  2. You don't have to paint or draw, dear friend.
    You are a warrior.
    You continue to BE that warrior.
    You are strong.
    You are brave.
    You are loved!