Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Word to the Wise...about the Wise

Promise me you'll always remember:
 you're braver than you believe,
 and stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.
(- Christopher Robin to Pooh)

And there it is.

The Message Quilt: Block 30, Setting Sun

Ah the last block.... When I started this project, I thought these quilt blocks would be a silent message to Strapping Young Lad.  I didn't anticipate that I'd have so much to say about each block.

This is another  block that I was grateful to have learned to paper piece.  I don't think I could have managed the curves so effectively without paper piecing.  Stress-free, merely slightly tedious.

So, Strapping Young Lad, this is the last block made over a long, dark winter.
I mused as I worked on these, that this quilt will still be here, after I'm gone...many years from now.  A pleasing concept...

My wish is that this quilt will remind you of your Momma's fierce, abiding love for you.
That it will remind you that....
I believe in you.
Always have.

The Time goes so quickly.  When the sun sets on Life here...sad to be separated from Loved Ones.

But I'll be waiting...
Until the Day Breaks.

See you in the Morning.
All my love, your Momma

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 29, Morning Star

I chose this block for the quilt based on its uniqueness and I simply wanted a star.  I have dubbed this one "Morning Star."

I forced myself to try a different quilting method with this block...paper piecing.  I don't think I would have had such exact points without doing it this way.

So this is the message for my child about this block:

Jesus is the Morning Star.
When your heart is broken, and you can't see for all the shadows...
Remember..He promised.
Morning will come.

" until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts...." (2 Pet 1:19)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 28, Lost Ship

This block is called "Lost Ship."  I really like this one.

I guess the message, by including this block in his quilt, for Strapping Young Lad is...

Lost Ships....
look out for them.
Sometimes they travel in numbers and don't even know they're lost.

Just watch out.
Help if you can.
But be aware that most lost ships want you to join them.

Lost ships.
Don't be one.

There it is.  Twenty-eight blocks down, and 2 more to go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 27, Grandmother's Puzzle

This block is called Grandmother's Puzzle. (More set-in seams....sigh..)

I like how this turned out looking a bit retro.  Fitting, I think.

I included this block as a nod to the role of my parents in Strapping Yound Lad's life.

Puzzles interlock.
"Gummaw" and "Dada" are starring pieces in the puzzle that's our lives. :)

Twenty-seven blocks down, and only 3 more to go!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love (In Review)

I like to go over the little things (that are actually big things) that keep the days sweet.  These are the latest.

Love is...Strapping Young Lad standing staunchly at the end of our driveway, firmly issuing declarations of love through a metal pipe, which is pointed at the patch of woods separating our house from Gummaw/Granda's.

Love is...Granda confirming the receipt and reciprocation of forementioned devotion in a phone call.

Love is...Hubby poaching an egg for me...and voluntarily poaching one for my old dog too.

Love is...crafting a felt bunny pin in the wee morning hours, because Strapping Young Lad was dismayed that the new Easter shirt made-for-him didn't have bunnies on it.

Love is...a carefully selected centerpiece of weeds.

Love is...Hubby gamely allowing my old dog, who can no longer keep up on walks, to ride in the bottom compartment of the baby stroller that he's pushing.

Love is...whispered, private conversations between Strapping Young Lad and his puppy while the former is supposed to be napping/resting.

Love is...Hubby allowing a squirmy, determined Baby Girl to ride with him on the tractor while he tries to work.

Love is...a new Easter dress dreamed up and labored over for a blue-eyed Corker with pigtails...

Love is...Strapping Young Lad gravely killing flies to proffer as food to his puppy (it's the thought that counts).

The Many Faces of Love.

Happy Easter.
(To borrow words from others..."Sunday is comin'")

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Year

A Year.
In the Shadowlands.

They don't mend.

We keep going.
Flat on our faces.

How much longer?

When will the Morning come?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Message Quilt: Block 26, King's Chain

The 26th block is called King's Chain.

The block is to be a reminder (see it in the script?) that Strapping Young Lad belongs to the King....and is part of a much larger story than just himself.

Strapping Young Lad.
Today I'll call you BraveHeart.
 Because you are.

You're going to get knocked around and beat down for this.
For being the King's Child.
Great will be your reward if you remain Faithful.
(And remember what the King did for you?)