Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love (In Review)

I like to go over the little things (that are actually big things) that keep the days sweet.  These are the latest.

Love is...Strapping Young Lad standing staunchly at the end of our driveway, firmly issuing declarations of love through a metal pipe, which is pointed at the patch of woods separating our house from Gummaw/Granda's.

Love is...Granda confirming the receipt and reciprocation of forementioned devotion in a phone call.

Love is...Hubby poaching an egg for me...and voluntarily poaching one for my old dog too.

Love is...crafting a felt bunny pin in the wee morning hours, because Strapping Young Lad was dismayed that the new Easter shirt made-for-him didn't have bunnies on it.

Love is...a carefully selected centerpiece of weeds.

Love is...Hubby gamely allowing my old dog, who can no longer keep up on walks, to ride in the bottom compartment of the baby stroller that he's pushing.

Love is...whispered, private conversations between Strapping Young Lad and his puppy while the former is supposed to be napping/resting.

Love is...Hubby allowing a squirmy, determined Baby Girl to ride with him on the tractor while he tries to work.

Love is...a new Easter dress dreamed up and labored over for a blue-eyed Corker with pigtails...

Love is...Strapping Young Lad gravely killing flies to proffer as food to his puppy (it's the thought that counts).

The Many Faces of Love.

Happy Easter.
(To borrow words from others..."Sunday is comin'")

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  1. Great pictures and y'all are such a loving, wonderful family! =) Happy Easter!