Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Elf Child

My true Self would love it if Life looked like scenes and apparel from any of the Lord of The Rings movies.

Especially the Elves.  I would float around in long, flowing garments and spend most of my time being ethereal and watching out for the Little People on my fat, bay horse Satchel.

I secretly hope that Heaven is a little bit like that??  Everyone and Everything restored to such Beauty.

At any rate.  I like to indulge my tastes, when I can, in fashioning things for my child in the flare of fairies and elves.
 (And not for myself to wear.  I do try to stay in touch.  With reality, that is.)

This is my precious Elf Child.  Quite frankly, if she had a set of pointed ears, she'd be all set.

I made this little dress from an old fashion-tank top/blouse of mine...and a high-quality old tshirt.

I fused parts of the two garments together with a good measure of elastic thread for fitting adjustments, and am pleased that the End Result...
is so fittingly...


1 comment:

  1. She is so precious! I love her fat little arms...fat in the wonderful want- to- kiss- them sense of the word....the dress is adorable!