Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have Digressed...

And I confess..this is no longer a crafty blog.  I continue to make"things"...but I find no joy in posting about them presently.

Maybe the blog is just an expressive outlet now as we keep trucking on a devastating journey.

An opportunity for protection and justice.
We lost.

In the middle of the deep darkness, pain, and "Why?'s"...

The Truth: "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

God didn't intercede in the way that we had wanted.  However he quietly blessed us through the Beauty and Love of many People.

Let me tell you of the many people on the Day of Trouble:

This person....steadfastly guarded and amused my Child while he waited to testify.  You whisked him safely home after he did-what-he-had-to-do.

This person...watched over the child left-at-home while we warred for the other.  I cried and then laughed when I saw that you cleaned my microwave.

These 3 people..your job was to accompany us to Court as quiet support.  You did that and more.  You cared greatly for me and my child.  You shielded us.  You gathered around to help preserve our dignity at the end of the the Defendant literally left the court room whistling.

This faithfully prepared your testimony.  You chose to stay and spend the long, excruciating hours walking through it with us, even though you recently had major surgeries; when you simply should have just gone home and gotten away from the ugliness to rest.

This person...officer of the law.  You gave BraveHeart candy and showered him with personal attention.  You allowed my family to wait, sheltered, in your office.  You escorted us for many city blocks.  You cared.

This firmly upheld "We don't testify in court", when I first met you.  But you proceeded to fall in love with my child.  You went head-to-head for him against various agencies, for his protection.  You staunchly went against the Tide. You were there on the Day of Trouble, prepared to testify.  I'll never forget this.

This run frequent google searches regarding our plight.  You write me frequently and this bolsters me.  You, also, love my child and have treated him with great tenderness.

This person... you knew us for only a short time, but you have spent entire nights in prayer and pleading for our child.

And lastly...
These sit on our couch with us, sharing our disbelief, at the End of the Day.   The stench of Defeat clings to each of us.  But we are..."We." 

And that's a lot to be thankful for.

"How much longer?" I have cried to Abba Father. 
It seems He has said, "Awhile longer yet."

Thank you to all of you who have helped us be able to see the Light shining through the Darkness.

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