Sunday, July 15, 2012

Children's Table Makeover

I bought this table at a yard sale for $10 (it came with a little chair).
It's solid wood.

It was as ugly as...."sin"....
Many layers of dark varnish that had bubbled.
Yes, I wish I could remember to take "before" pictures.

I sanded it and painted it a dark moss-green color, then finished off
with a layer of brush-painted off-white.
I purposely gave it a scant coating with the off-white.
(I don't like things to be too "perfect".  Good thing, eh..)

Then I printed off an image that I liked, traced and cut it out with freezer paper which I used as a stencil.
A word to the wise:  the paint did bleed a bit under the freezer paper; hence the outline in white around the utensils.
(Again, it's a good thing that I don't require "perfection" to be content, hhmmm...)
And there it is.  The (little) People can be found perched at this often, on our porch.
A happily overhauled and useful object for The People.
It is them, The People, that I'm workin' for, after all...

Here's to many-a-peanut-butter-sandwich..and this Table!

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  1. Awesome! I would have never thought that the white around the forks/knives was to cover up bleeding of the paint...I thought it was just so that the images would "pop" more. I like it! What a fun little table! Someday, your kids will argue over who gets to use that for their own kids. =)