Monday, July 2, 2012

While We Were Sleeping

While we were sleeping,
I heard the screen door slam.

I told Hubby that Someone or Something is Here.

Hubby went down to investigate.

Our terribly backwards & bashful,
 rescued-dog Buffy,
 (who sleeps in the far corner downstairs)
had realized that
there was a Varmint on our porch.

That being said,
 Buffy busted through the door
and proceeded to take care of The Situation.
(It was, indeed, A Situation.)

No more varmint.
(We don't like Varmints. 
This kind, in particular, is a disease carrier.)

The next morning, we gave Buffy a few extra smiles and pats on the back.
I like a dog that has your back while you're sleeping.

I wish I could have seen the point at which the "ole girl" decided,
"This is not acceptable". 
Prior to door-busting and varmint-rendering.

I guess if
a fearful little dog can face down a varmint,
 by herself,
in the middle of the night...
(and proceed to put the old smack down..)

I can too.

Thank you, God, for the little lessons.
And here's to all of you facing "Varmints" today....

They steal from you.

They carry sickness and death.
They come under the cover of Darkness.

They're all around us.

But you don't have to let them on your porch.

And there it is.

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