Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunflower House & TeePee 2012

I have been lax in posting anything regarding our several-year-tradition.
In spite of everything ( odd growing season, occasional blatant neglect, & varmints), this does appear to be the most sucessful year for a our little pet projects:
The Sunflower House
Vine Teepee
The Sunflower House was a heavily used play spot this year...even in the hot afternoon sun, it provides enough shade.
We've had very little luck with runner beans for the teepee, for years, so we planted a variety of interesting gourds this time. (Good call)
No one likes to play in the teepee; too scratchy.  But it is a general source of pride and  interest in what's growing.

Friday, August 24, 2012

An Historic Event

Someone lost a tooth at our house.
It unfortunately "went down the hatch" along with a late-night peanut butter and bologna sandwich, at a rodeo.
Nevertheless, we observed the Toothfairy ritual with a makeshift paper tooth.
I love this little bag.  I got the idea from somewhere on the internet.
Perfect for securing the tooth.... paper, real, or otherwise; until the Parent Tooth Fairies happen along and leave some cool cash in its place.