Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pookin's Punkins

Strapping Young Lad had his own garden this year.
Hubby actually extended the family garden, and Strapping Young Lad got his own patch of land composed primarily of composted horse manure.

To make a long story short, his pumpkins and other viney plants...excelled..bounding out with no regard to their boundaries... in their respective locations.
So much that, Strapping Young Lad had a Pumpkin-for-Sale wagon on our road.  (I tried to talk him into putting "Pookin's Pumpkins" on the sign...we called him "Pookin" when he was a tyke.  However, his 6-year-old-MAN-self wasn't having any of that.  So we put his "real" name on the sign, just like any other self-respecting farmer man would do..)

The pumpkin wagon contents sold.  And we reloaded it; several times.

And he was cleaned out.   
Of every last pumpkin that he was willing to sell.
His coffee tin full of cash.
He will save most.
He'll give some to Jesus.
He'll buy more seed, of his choice, for next year.
And he was allowed to spend $5 of it at the Fair, in any manner of his choosing.

 I was pleased that he didn't spend all that he was allowed to, at the Fair. 
 He was very "tight" with it.

 Now that he is more personally acquainted with earning "the fruit of your labors."

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