Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Picnic Bag

I made this lined picnic bag (or reusable grocery bag) for a good friend.  I loved the freezer paper stencil design so much that I'd
used for the kids' table, that I got one more use out of it for this bag.
I really like this stencil pattern, but it causes me to sigh thinking of cutting it out again.  (New Depths of laziness)

I used interior paint for the design.  China Red.
The paint was fine for this heavy fabric.

Easy Gift Idea

The kids are getting slippers again this year for Christmas.  Of course, I found scads of
adorable little-girl-slippers to choose from.  But the boy slipper selection was a bit ho-hum.
Nevertheless, I purchased some comfy-looking ones anyway and sewed on two monsters for added-interest.
They look a bit like teeth, don't they? I assure you that they are, indeed, monsters.